The smart stanchion

What is bEZiup?

BEZiup is a stanchion known for how easy (EZ) it is to put up, hence the name. This high-tech stanchion out-smarts and out-lasts its competitors. Made of one piece of metal and equipped with spring-loaded holders, the bEZiup is durable, light-weight, time efficient, and built to last a lifetime. No more wasting wood, labor, time, and money for temporary stanchions. 

How does it work?

The bEZiup can be installed in four EZ steps.

Step 1

Anchor the area with nails, screws, and/or anchor bolts, whichever is preferred for the project.

Step 2

Extend stanchion to needed height.

Step 3

Install horizontal lower and upper rails by adjusting the safety pin on the upright section, allowing it to be lifted and locked into place.

Step 4

Place 2x4” rails into the handrail saddles (designed to match OSHA height specifications).

What is the difference between bEZiup and other stanchions?

Most stanchions are constructed out of several pieces of wood, which usually lasts no more than one project. The bEZiup is one, light-weight piece of metal equipped with spring-loaded holders which allows it to be EZ to install and last a lifetime.

bEZiup vs. wood stanchion

Customized colors


"Having used this product on my job site I found the product to be easy for one person to assemble saving time and man hours. With this system, you eliminate any tripping hazard, the toe board is very easy to install keeping you away from hazards. With the folding feature hand rails are easier to store on site and you are able to carry more at a time. These are reusable which eliminates the traditional onetime use wood hand rail saving time and material. My work crew is very satisfied and feel safe using this product. I highly recommend this hand rail system to anyone who is interested in this product."  - Ambrosio Morales, Foreman, Flatiron Construction

Does it meet OSHA requirements?

YES. The OSHA standards {1926.502(b)(3) &1926.502(b)(5)} for fall protection and handrails used at construction sites must: 1. Support up to 200 lbs of in downward and outward movement. 2. Have cross support at the precise height of forty-two inches (top-rail) at twenty-one inches (mid rail).

bEZiup Stanchions were designed by safety professional, John Baca, who has more than 20 years of experience in the construction safety field.